Fast Product Development

At Fast Product Development we get your products developed fast - really fast. On top of this, we offer the industry's only "On Time, On Budget, Or It is Free" guarantee for qualified projects. We are able to do this because we have been doing development for a long, long time - about eighteen years. During this time we have amassed knowledge of what works, what does not, which vendors deliver, which chips works in all conditions and which tools to use where.

We have tamed many CAD disciplines and software suites into a seamless tool-chain that provides directly driven PC board mechanicals/footprints from various mechanical CAD tools. Besides this we have a large Intellectual Property library of circuit designs and code which we use to get your product done.

Not only do we develop products fast, we do it at a low cost. Again we do this because we can make the right choices up front. We have made the common mistakes on our nickel :-) . We don't have managers or expensive offices so our overhead cost is low.

Time and time again our clients have told us how easy we are to work with. There are no big negotiations or lengthy paperwork to sign. If you have a problem, we will solve it or if you have a product to develop, we will give you an estimate of when and how much based on your parameters. We will break the work up into useful chunks. At the delivery of each chunk we expect to get paid. It is a straightforward process which has been tested multiple times.

When you call us you get a real live design engineer. You can talk with us and address your concerns and get a live update on the status of your product. Go ahead try us - call us anytime between 7 am EST to 10 pm EST on +1 888 215 8557. A member of our design team will answer your call or will respond within four hours.

You can find out more about our services offered, see some of our work samples, and find out more reasons for choosing us. We also occasionally write articles based on our experience.

"On time, on budget guaranteed" - we are are able to only offer this for qualified projects. Usually for a project to qualify for "On time on budget guarantee", the requirements have to be well defined and the parts have to be widely and freely available. We are unable to cover products involving research with our on time on budget guarantee. Also we do not cover the impact of acts of nature.

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