"The Fast Product Development team has developed and delivered several products for us in record time. They have taken the product from initial concept, preliminary design, prototype, full design, functional test and environmental tests to manufacturing" - Morgan Death, ISAS

"Sanjay has always delivered products on budget" - Section Manager, Raytheon

"Over the past fifteen years Sanjay has helped me bring several innovative products to market" - Ashok Saxena, President, Informatics

"The folks at Fast Product Development are professional and a pleasure to work with" - Franco De Angelis, S-4 Technologies

"You have been critical to our success " - Nara Kamath, Applied Systems

"You're the best PCB guy I've worked with in (ahem!) 40years of getting boards laid out. (But let's keep that number our little secret.)" - Client (name withheld)

"Much thanks to Waynefor making the 'complex" - user friendly! will process the invoice for services upon receipt." - Client (name withheld)

"... but because we have had so many instances ofother people who have done software for us that didn't quite work. It has been a real blessing to [company name] to have worked with you, and Wayne (duuude) on the hardware side, on our projects over the last year or two. You guys give us a lot of confidence in the things that we are trying to do." - Client (name withheld