Who We Are?

We are are a small group of experienced engineers working together. We bring together theory and practical experience. We can do intense mathematical modeling but at the same time all of us work in the shop to get your product out. We enjoy what we do and are not in this for maximum billable hours at the maximum rate. 

The core team members are

Sanjay Mishra - system architect, electronics hardware and software designer and developer. Sanjay has been designing electronics and writing software since he was fourteen, clients have been paying him serious money to do this since 1993. Sanjay holds a MSEE from University of Maryland, College Park and  a BE from Indian Institure of Technology Roorkee. He is a recipient of NASA Achievement Award. 

Wayne Mitzen - electronics hardware, mechanical, design for manufacturing. Wayne has been providing design services since 1988. Wayne holds  US patents for his work on RF devices, Imagers and Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems.

Michele Bavaro - Satellite Navigation Engineer and Positioning Applications. Developing high-precision, low-cost positioning equipment and techniques. Exploiting Software Defined Radio equipment and techniques for navigation and positioning. Digital signal processing on embedded platforms.

Larry Wimble -embedded software, drivers (Linux, BSD, Windows), kernel development, web work. Larry has developed for 8051, ARM, AVR, AVR32, Cypress pSoc, Freescale, PIC, Rabbit,  ST Micro, x86,  among others.

Who We are Not?

Meeting organizers and Powerpoint Slide Artists - You have a problem, we solve it and if we cannot solve it we will let you know upfront. We do not generate pretty slides to be presented at long meetings.

Collection Agents - all our clients pay on time, if they don't they are no longer our clients. We have no inclination to make calls to accounts payable and run around to collect money. It adds cost and aggravation and all of us are better off without it.