Capabilities and Laboratory Equipment

If a currentflows through it, we can design it 
If it can be programmed, we can program it 
If it can be machined, molded, cut or formed, we can do it

We have fully equipped labs and licensed software to do your development. 

A list of licensed or open source software currently used in-house for the past 10 years:

gcc (we prefer :-) ) for x86, ARM, AVR, AVR32 
Various Atmel AVR, PIC, 8051/8052 family, Rabbit compilers (IAR, Keil...)
MS Visual Studio, .NET, Delphi, Php, Perl, Java, Python many more
BSD, Linux, ucLinux, Unix drivers and internals
MicroC/OS-II, VxWorks, FreeRTOSWindows, Windows CE drivers
Oracle, Mysql, Postgres, MSSQL
ORCAD, Altium Designer
Matlab, Mathematica, Octave, Scilab
Solidworks, AutoCAD Mechanical, Visual Mill Professional
Waveformer Pro

Equipment in house:

Various Tektronix and HP Oscilloscpes
Tektronix Spectrum Analyser
Various PC-based Logic Analysers
Mantis Stereo Inspection Viewers
Hakko Thruhole/SMT rework
Various BGA rework centers from APE with fully-programmable ramp-soak-reflow
Arch E size (42”) color plotter
Specially modified CNC –22x10x10 (X-Y-Z) work envelope with 4th axis
Temperature chamberAccess to ISO-9000 certified assembly and environmental testing facilities