World's Most Advanced $999 DAQ


  • The world's only 32 bit resolution low cost DAQ Data Acquisition Board. 130dB SNR, THD -122dB
  • Two true differential input channels.
  • Input Voltage from -12 to 12V.
  • Common mode input impedance greater than 100 Mega Ohms, Differential Input Impedance greater than 1 Giga Ohms
  • On board low noise power supplies generated from the USB power. No need for external power supplies.
  • On board low noise voltage references.
  • On board Amplifier with a maximum gain of 64. The amplifier can auto adjust for maximum accuracy or have its gain fixed.
  • Analog inputs and conversion circuitry are isolated from the digital circuit. This prevents ground loops, and results in increased safety and accuracy.
  • Easy to use, open source application and driver software. You can track down issues, and integrate the software in your own applications as long as you are using our products.
  • Cross platform - use on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Sample Rate 250 samples per second to 4000 samples per second
  • We can customize the DAQ for you for
    • higher speeds at the cost of lower resolution
    • different interfaces possible - Ethernet, Serial RS-232 RS-485 RS-422, CAN
    • different input voltage ranges
    • non PC hardware platforms - custom USB drivers
    • on board trigger and waveform storage
    • Additional digital I/O, analog I/O, external triggers, timers are possible


Designed from the ground up for low noise operation. Low noise is ensured through careful PCB layout, choice of high performance components and careful system design. For example, when the analog to digital conversion is taking place, the digital system is in a sleep mode to avoid inducing noise in the analog circuit.

Why buy from us?

Freedom: to use the unit as it is. Our drivers and application software are open source, you can use them any way as you see fit in your applications as long as they are processing data from our products. No hard to track down bugs

Cross platform: you can use our units on Windows, Linux and Mac computers. If you have a special platform that needs support, we can do provide that for a one time customization fee of $4,000.

Guaranteed We have a 60 day no questions asked return policy on upto 5 units. This means that if you cannot use our unit for ANY reason, you can return them and get your money back. Please note that this guarantee holds only for orders upto 5 units.

If your requirements exceed 5 units, we suggest you order a few units, test them out in your application and order more only when you are satisfied that the unit meets all your needs.

Customizations Possible: If your needs change, and you need to tweak the hardware or the software just a bit to fit your changing needs we can carry that out for you for a low one time customization fee. We can carry out most customization for our standard one time customization fee of $4,000.

Support: You can call us during normal business hours of 9 am to 5 pm for technical support. When you talk with us, you will be talking to one of the actual engineers who designed and developed the product.

Low Cost: Our product is competitively priced. We achieve this by keeping our overheads low. There are no plush offices, Power point slides, management meetings or quarterly earning calls. It all happens in our labs, manufacturing facility and warehouse.

Made In USA: Our products designed, developed, manufactured and supported in the USA. This means that you can get in touch with us during normal business hours.

Call 1-888-215-8557 to purchase or for more information.