Custom Electronic Modules and Boards

Microcontroller, RF, DAQ and Contro

The problem with using generic off the shelf modules is that there isone feature that you need and the board would be perfect for yourneeds.

We have the following modules for sale. In additin we can customizethe modules so that you can add the feature that you need.

Examples of features that have been requested by customers

  • RS485 port
  • LCD display
  • Additional RS-232 ports
  • 24 bit high precision Analog to Digital Converters
  • Interface to CMOS Image Sensor
  • Custom USB interfaces

We offer this at a fixed engineering charge of $7850 dollars perdesign. The lead time for a custom design is typically 8 weeks.In addition we can manufacture the embedded modules for you.

All our boards come with a free of charge easy to use development kit based on GCC and Open Source Tools.

All our boards are supplied with a full schematic. They are fully tested prior to shipping.

CORTEX-M3 LPC 1768 ARM Processor

Eclipse based IDEGCC compilerFreeRTOS operating systemDrivers for Serial, Ethernet and CAN

XMega128 board

WinAVR based IDEGCC compilerlibavr FreeRTOS operating system

USB Data Acquisition Modules

IsolatedSo ground loop currents will not affect your data acquisiton.24

BitWhy 24 bit?Yes 24 bit ADC chips are costlier than 16 bit ADC chips. However wefeel that the increased dynamic range is importnt.

ProgrammableHey you want to acquire the data and process it as you want. We do notuse extra

Isolated USB CAN Transceiver

Programmable you get all the message over USB